Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Talking and more talking

Sydney's vocabulary is expanding. She can say mama, dada, bye-bye, tata (Tyra), dat dat (pat, pat - petting the dog), bat bat (backpack), and a few others that are escaping me. She's still shaking her head yes and no also. Her bedtime is creeping to closer to 8:00pm and she wakes up anywhere between 6:30am and 8:00am. I can see 8 teeth now and a few more white spots where more teeth are coming. She's still putting everything in her mouth... and I mean everything! On the up side of that, she eats just about anything I put in front of her. She's pretty much eating food that we eat now. I switched to whole milk last week and she didn't mind at all. She sucked down her bottle and took a 2 hour nap.
Sydney climbs. She's figured out that if she's in the grocery cart, hangs onto the bar in front of her and lifts her leg, she can stand... IN the cart. I turned around in line to find her like this. Pretty scary. The straps on the cart cover don't hold her in either. She now tries to climb out of her stroller too. There was a toy drum in her pack n play she used as a step stool to get out and figured out that if she stands on cans from the pantry she can reach the second shelf to rip things down. Four more days and she'll be 1... how can that be?
Riding her rocking horse... or lamb

Pushing her baby stroller. She uses her stroller as a cart. Notice she has loaded in it a few blocks, her toy remote and, if you look closely, she has also borrowed a spoon that she is pushing around (she nabbed it when I was emptying the dishwasher). I just think it is so funny that she pushes around her favorite things. She's a little person that saw what others do at the grocery store and wants to do it too... or she's on her way to being a bag lady :)

He loves me, he loves me not... she loves plucking off the petals on flowers.

Playing with Sean and Madison in her baby pool.

Cozy & warm with Mom after a swim


Driving the boat with Grandma Kent

4th of July Family Pic

Monday, July 13, 2009

Standing Alone!

Sydney started standing alone over the weekend for longer periods of time. She does it best when she's focused on something, like her favorite show - Dora the Explorer. She dances and claps whenever the theme song comes on. I caught her on video tonight. If I kneel in front of her with my hands out hoping she'll take a step, she drops to the floor and crawls to me. We're getting closer to walking anyway!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Fun!

Just about every weekend we've been staying up at camp. For those of you that don't know, camp is on Panther Lake, about 10 miles north of Oneida Lake. It's just under an hour from our house. Weather hasn't been great this summer, but we have gotten a few nice days. On those good days Sydney likes to wade in her baby pool. She plays with her toys in there and dips her face right in the water. Sometimes it's followed by a gasp of air, as if she's surprised by what happens when she dips her face in.
Sydney's getting closer to walking, but still gets nervous about standing without holding onto something or someone. Instead of falling to land on her butt she's starting to lean forward to catch herself with her hands, which I think is another step closer to standing alone.
I'll have a 4th of July update soon.
Sydney making her goofy smile face

In her 'big girl' Adirondack chair at camp. Oh, and she's playing Grandma's Tetris. She's thrown it so many times that the annoying Tetris song is barely audible.

Loving watermelon