Friday, August 29, 2008

Our first weeks at home

Sydney really likes her swing and often takes naps in it. Everyone told us the first few weeks at home would be tough and they definitely were. At night I was nursing every other hour for an hour each time. It was brutal. I eventually decided to suppliment with formula and things got much better. She was more full and therefore slept longer. By the third week she was sleeping 3 hours at a time. She's also been very good about going right back to sleep after being changed and eating. She is an early riser though - up by 7am and wanting out of the bedroom. We've had her sleeping in the pack-n-play next to our bed. I've considered moving her to her room to sleep in the crib a few times, but I'm not ready yet. She does nap in the crib from time to time, but seems to sleep the longest in her carseat. I think its because its snug? She falls asleep in the car and on walks, both of which are in the carseat. Its great because she can stay right in it and we can bring her in the house.
We've definitely gotten a few smiles out of her. Aunt Kristin calls it her "cheerleading" moves. I have her on my lap and raise her arms up saying "yea" and it gets a grin. My mom touches her toes to her nose and that gets a smile too. Oh, and she's humming between gulps from her bottle. Its pretty cute. I love hearing her soft little voice. Speaking of voice, I swear her screams get louder by the day!

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