Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas at Home

Yes, I've been slacking big time and my excuse is that it's been the holidays and we were in Key West for Christmas and New Years. A whole 2 weeks in FL and it was awesome! Coming back to lots and lots of snow was not so cool... but hey, it's what we get for living here.
Sydney has gone to her soon-to-be daycare a few times to get her acquainted and comfortable there. She is the youngest, so I feel like each time I pick her up she's grown up so much just from being around the older kids. It's hard to believe she's almost 1 1/2! She's saying lots of words and seems to understand what we say to her. She's beginning to learn animal sounds and still LOVES Dora the Explorer :) She will sing row, row, row from Row, row, row your boat. She'll say boat too. She remains being a good eater, however, she has some strange favorites. She really likes dill pickles and even ate an olive the other day... both of which I hate. Cucumbers, carrots, peas, corn & green beans are still at the top of the list. She'll pretty much eat all fruit too. She can't get enough raisins & craisins. She's not a big meat eater. She loves soup, but will spit out the chicken pieces or seal her lips if she sees chicken on the spoon before it gets to her mouth. You take the chicken off and she opens up. Too funny. Yogurt, toast, crackers, cheese... all part of her diet too. Unlike me, she is not a big dessert fan. Still doesn't like chocolate much. Her downfall is plain munchkins from Dunkin' Donuts.
We got together with my side of the family a few weeks before Christmas to celebrate and exchange gifts. Sydney had fun playing with her cousins. She got lots of fun toys and adorable clothes from everyone for Christmas. While she's still young I figure we can get away with being gone for Christmas Day... but I'm not sure what will happen when she gets older. We'll see...

Wearing her new snow boots & winter jacket. She had a hard time walking in the boots at first. It was pretty funny.
Grandma Halstead doing "this little piggy"

Family pic

Geoff & Sydney at my parents for our Christmas gathering