Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Autumn!

For those of you that live here in CNY you will agree that fall is definitely here. I think that winter is here, actually. Sydney and I miss our summer walks around the block with bare feet and spending our weekends at camp, but thats okay. She's already been tailgating for the SU football games and had fun running around the parking lot and pushing around her baby stroller.
Sydney's new favorite thing is talking on the phone. For at least a month now she'll hold something... anything (it can be a green bean, her cup, toy frying pan, etc.) to her ear and say "o?" which is hello in her language. Within the last few weeks she has started talking on the real phone. She'll jabber away walking around the house not even letting the other person talk at all. Then she'll throw a hissy fit when the phone is taken away. It's pretty funny to watch. She'll even start laughing like the other person just told her something funny. Is she mocking me? Probably. We have a talker on our hands. She can talk for up to an hour before she eventually falls asleep for her nap. Kathy said she thinks she's telling jokes to her stuffed animals and then laughing at them. Its hysterical to hear.
Geoff and I had our first non-family babysitter a few weeks ago. We put her to bed before we left, so it was pretty easy, but the sitter has been back since to watch Sydney while she's awake too. My nervousness is much better now that she's older. As we left Geoff said, "I feel so old... we have a babysitter at our house!" It just doesn't seem that long ago that I was babysitting!
As for other news, my brother Adam and his wife, Tammy, are expecting in March and find out soon what they are having! Geoff's cousin, Bryce, and his wife, Mary, just found out that they are having another boy also. Congrats to them both!
Yes, I have Sydney's Halloween costume - I'll post pictures when I have them.

Cracking up at Dad

She still puts EVERYTHING in her mouth!

What are these things and why am I allowed to play with them?

My favorite picture!

Carrying around the mini pumpkin