Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lots of Laughter!

Sydney has given us a few chuckles here and there, but yesterday I was able to get some full fledged laughter out of her! I just started clapping and it cracked her up. I was able to catch a video of it and have watched it several times since. She's just about 3 months old now and things just keep getting better. She's recognizing us, smiling a ton and now laughing. For those new moms out there, it does get easier - I promise! I read that 3 months was a turning point and I'm starting to understand it. Sydney can entertain herself on her play mat or in her jumper for longer periods before getting bored and if she cries, it most likely means she's hungry. She's grabbing for toys, holding up her head, and starting to throw her leg over like she's thinking about rolling over. I think we have a few more weeks before that happens, but we're close!


Renee said...

That is such a beautiful sound! How cool that you caught it on tape!!!! Thanks for posting it!!!!!

Katie said...

i love it. awww, i cannot wait to meet her

Tara said...

What a cutie!! Are you guys just clapping?

I love when they first start laughing. Inara has been laughing for a bit now and it is just wonderful every time.

We can't wait to meet her.

steven said...

Nanners - she is AWESOME! I hope I get to meet her in person soon. I can hear you giggling too. :o)
Love you! - Brianne

Dale,Lindsay & Shannon said...

Great catch. I have yet to get Shannon laughing on tape that is priceless. Glad to hear everything is going well. They get even more fun at 5 months.