Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas & Key West

Sydney went on a plane for the first time on her way to Key West. We left the day after Christmas and were there for about 9 days. I was nervous that her ears would pop on the flight and she would scream, but she was totally fine. On the last leg of the flight home she actually slept through the take-off and landing.
I'm having a hard time believing how big she's getting. We had gotten all 3-6 month clothes for Key West, but she was in 6-9 month clothes weeks before we left. She had to squeeze into the clothes we had gotten for her! She is now rolling from front to back and back to front. She is also sitting on her own pretty well. I am right there to catch her if she tips while sitting, but she does a good job balancing herself. Teeth must be on their way because she's been chewing on everything near for weeks. When she's on her belly she can hold herself up, straightening her arms and reaches for toys in front of her. We're making some good progress and I'll have to baby-proof this house soon! Here are some photos from Key West - Enjoy!

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Dale,Lindsay & Shannon said...

She is so cute. Glad to hear the vacation went well we are headed to Florida next month can't wait.