Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Photo Day

Our nice neighbor took these wonderful pictures of Sydney. I hope to get some done a few times a year since she is changing so quickly. She is making progress daily in the walking department. Sydney pushes around anything she can including her walker, her little rocking chair, her doll's baby stroller and sometimes even our kitchen chairs. Her favorite thing to play with is books. She can have a thousand toys surrounding her and she still crawls over to her box of books, tips it over, pulls several out and starts turning the pages. Sometimes she'll babble as she 'reads' the pages. She'll be 10 months next week. So hard to believe!
Never fail, you hand her a stuffed toy and she squeals as she squeezes and hugs it. It doesn't matter if she's seen it a hundred times.Pushing her baby stroller

Eating the flower at her photo shoot outside. We figured out the hard way that maybe this wasn't the right flower to hand her. She bit the top and had a whole bunch of tiny petals in her mouth. I finger scooped them out as she clenched her jaw and bit my finger. It ended with a few gags from the petals I apparently didn't get and a screaming baby. I think she may have been a little hungry... what's new.

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Dale,Lindsay and Shannon said...

She is so cute. Hope you guys are enjoying the nice weather. Shannon also enjoys eating flowers, grass, and mulch, yup mulch is her favorite right now.