Monday, November 16, 2009

Sydney the Kangaroo & her baby Joey

I apologize for not updating the blog sooner. I don't know where the time goes. Actually, maybe I do, my day consists of chasing, cleaning up, feeding, changing and repeatedly saying "no!" as Sydney climbs up on chairs and uses her arms like windshield wipers to clear whatever may be on the table. Today it was my cup of coffee (luckily no longer hot), a remote, magazines, salt & pepper shaker... I think you get the point :) Bringing her to the store with me is no longer easy. She insists on standing in the cart in order to get down and run. I have about 5-10 minutes until that happens, so most of my errands happen in the evening now, after Geoff gets home. I'm making her out to sound like a monster, but she's really a good baby... or toddler? She still sleeps all night. We put her down around 8pm and she wakes up around 7:30am. She's officially off the baby bottle. I was dreading it, but it really wasn't bad at all. She was having a bottle before her afternoon nap and before bed. I weaned her down to 2 oz. of whole milk and on the day she turned 15 months I ditched the bottle. I now give her a sippy cup of milk before she goes down and read her a few books. She's completely fine with it. It took 1 day. She naps from about 1-4pm. Yeh, I know... I'm lucky. It keeps me sane :)

Sydney got a Dora 'lil Quad for her birthday, but I didn't want to put it together until she was walking steadily. Can you imagine if she went from crawling to driving and completely skipped walking? Luckily we've had a mild fall so she's been able to use it outside quite a bit. She's not a fan of her helmet, but she doesn't have much choice. She doesn't ride long before she's off and running to the neighbors playground or into the road.

Sydney and I went to Critz Farms in Cazenovia and got to see a pumpkin patch along with some goats, ducks, donkeys, bunnies, horses, etc. She loves animals so she certainly enjoyed herself there.

There was also a play area that she had fun on.

Maybe she was more interested in the rocks & dirt than the pumpkins.

Sydney was an adorable kangaroo for Halloween.

She loved the baby Joey that came with it. She's squeezing him in this picture.

I was surprised she didn't seem to mind having the hood up on the costume.