Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Sydney LOVED the Easter Bunny and squealed when she saw him. She sat on his lap, played with his fur, and stuck her finger in his mouth. I thought she might freak out, but was pleasantly surprised! She loves stuffed animals and I think she thought he was just a really big one that could move!

Seth, Grandma Haslauer, Sydney and Connor
Connor, Sydney and Seth (cousins)

Sydney in her Easter dress.

Geoff and Sydney Easter morning

Sydney wasn't crazy about her bunny ears. She would immediately rip them off as soon as they were on her head.

The Easter Bunny brought Sydney a Dora the Explorer Egg Hunt video, an Easter book, a stuffed puppy (that looks like Tyra) with bunny ears, and a Little People Easter toy.

Sydney picked out her bunny Easter basket herself.

Sydney's cold is just about over. She's still coughing here and there, but that is all that remains. I ended up taking her to the pediatrician a second time, after a week had gone by with her cold, and they put her on antibiotics. When they looked in her throat with the little flashlight I could see that her top two teeth were coming in. They are just poked through the gums. That is part of the reason why her nose has been running so much, I'm sure.

She's still using the army manuver as her main form of transportation. She's excellent at going backwards :) Last week she did progress to getting up on all fours and rocking. In addition to her normal babbling and squeals she is also saying bababa, but doesn't know what she's saying. She's not saying it to get a bottle or anything. She raises her arms to "so big," and squinches her nose and eyes with a smile at things she thinks are funny. She has also been shaking her head 'no' for a few weeks, but also doesn't seem to know what that means either since she responds with a no head shake for any question you ask.

For Easter we went to Grandma and Grandpa Kent's house on Saturday and to Grandma and Grandpa Halstead's house on Sunday. Uncle Mike came home from Connecticut and Sydney had a great time playing with everyone. Uncle Adam, Aunt Tammy and Uncle Evan all came home from Buffalo and Aunt Megan, Uncle Matt, Connor and Seth all came home too. Sydney had a great first Easter!

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Dale,Lindsay and Shannon said...

SO brave I can't believe the bunny didn't freak her out that's great. Hope all is well Sydney looks great.