Wednesday, August 19, 2009

12 month visit to the doctor

On August 5th Sydney went to the pediatrician for her 12-month check-up. She weighed 23 lbs, the same as her 9 month visit, which shocked the doctor. I explained that it's a good thing... she was pretty chunky and is now moving and burning calories. She was 31.2" long, which means she's grown almost 3" taller. So, she's dropped to the 85th percentile for weight and is just above the 95th percentile for height.
She got 3 shots - varivax, hepititus A, and MMR. She didn't cry, again, for her first two shots (still a toughy!), but the MMR shot stings, so she cried after that one. Then the nurse came in to prick her finger for a lead test, which came back fine, but made her cry even harder. She couldn't stand the band-aid on her finger and managed to bite it off shortly after it was put on.
About 3 days after her shots she had a fever of 102.2, which lasted a couple of days, and then she had a minor rash on her back, belly and a little on her neck. She also lost her appetite and just wasn't herself. The doctor said that she could have some reactions from the shots for up to 2 weeks. She seems to be better now.
We went to Saratoga for our annual family visit with friends the weekend of August 8-9. We stayed with our friends Joe, Jess and Jack. We had a good time with them at the track and Sydney and Jack got to play together. Sydney was good considering she was sick with a fever and not eating well. Sydney also had her first non-family babysitter when we all went out to dinner. Sydney and Jack were already sleeping, so Joe's cousin, the babysitter, had it pretty easy :)

In this picture you can see the Dora the Explorer band-aid on her arm after the shots :(

Grandma & Grandpa got Sydney a chair for her birthday and she loves sitting and lounging in it.

Sydney loves all of her new birthday toys. Here she's sitting next to her new kitchen set and playing with her tea party set.

She wants to brush her teeth by herself, which is really more like chewing and biting the brush. I try to brush her teeth quickly before she grabs the brush, but she gets mad when you don't let her do it herself.

Playing in her pool in our backyard

She drinks pool water, bath water... pretty much anything that resembles a cup, like this sandpail, becomes her drinking glass.

Floating in Panther Lake at camp

Playing in the sandy shore at camp

Playing squirt guns with Aunt Kristin & Dad

Flying high with Dad

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