Thursday, September 17, 2009

Corn on the Cob

It's hard to believe how big Sydney is. We looked at some of her old baby photos the other day and had to laugh at how chubby she was. She's completely thinned out now that she's all over the place. I call her my little monkey. She's a very cautious child, but she has no fear when it comes to climbing things. She tries to put her feet into the sink of her kitchen set so she can stand in it, she climbs up slides, and I found her on top of our glass coffee table the other day on all fours.
I can't leave anything out. If I leave the pantry door open she is immediately in it ripping things down. I left the garbage out from under the sink the other day. I heard a little evil giggle and it was way too quiet. I found her digging through the garbage AND she had something in her mouth. I scooped out what looked like carrot. I had just cut some and she found the ends, so it wasn't that bad, but honestly... she sees the refrigerator open for one second and b-lines it to climb inside and pull things out. I'm sure all of you parents are laughing and remembering those days! Here are some of my recent photos:
I love the little curls of hair on the back of her head
Sitting in the sun coming through the window

She loves corn on the cob and it doesn't even have to be cooked! I tried it raw for the first time the other day - it's really sweet! You should try it.


Dale,Lindsay and Shannon said...

Shannon is jealous of all of Sydney's hair : )
Did Geoff tell you he saw Dale at the golf tournament. Next year you and Sydney will have to come out and stay with us so we can play while they golf.

Jerri said...

Oh my goodness! Sydney is way too cute. So fun to see your updates. What a sweetie!